Scuttle Bookmarks – A Quick and Easy Way to Get Backlinks and Traffic to Your Web Site

Scuttle bookmarking is all the rage with social bookmarkers at the moment and new Scuttle sites are appearing every day.

So what is Scuttle and how can it help me in my bookmarking or promoting my web site? I thought scuttle was a type of fly or something to keep coal in.

Well I am unsure how it was named but Scuttle is an Open Source social bookmarking software that can be freely downloaded from SourceForge. It takes a few minutes to install and configure a Scuttle site if you are familiar with MySQL and know your way around your web host and FTPs.

Scuttle is loosely based on the Delicious social bookmarking software and allows registered users to quickly add bookmarks of their favourite sites, or of course, sites that they wish to promote.

As a personal bookmarking tool Scuttle sites are very easy to use and user friendly. You can search your bookmarks easily with keywords or tags.

The beauty of these sites to web site promoters is that they are a good way of getting new sites quickly indexed in the major search engine and provide valuable backlinks.

In fact I have found that much of the traffic to one of my Scuttle sites is from organic searches from the search engines looking for keywords that are held as tags in the Scuttle database. These searches will in turn pass valuable targeted traffic to the sites that are bookmarked.

In summary, Scuttle websites are the new generation of social bookmarking websites and their proliferation is due to their easy set up and their user friendly interface to allow registered users to speedily add Scuttle Bookmarks.

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